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Locke & Key Season 3 Torrent Download The Locke family consists of two brothers Bode and Tyler, their sister Kinsey, and a mother named Nina. They recently moved to Keyhouse. This house was inherited from their ancestors. The heroes decided to move here to try to start a new life after they witnessed the murder of the head of the family. It soon becomes clear that this house has many features.

It turns out that many secrets related to magic are hidden here. The guys manage to find the keys in the house, which, as it turned out, were associated with the death of their dad. When the children found one key, they immediately began to look for other artifacts and study the abilities of each of them.

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But Bode, Tyler and Kinsey ended up playing their adventures, as a result of which they awakened a terrible demon who will do anything to get magical things. If he manages to get hold of the ancient artifacts, he will gain immense power. The guys are aware of the seriousness of the situation, so they join forces and begin to help each other. Kinsey is a rather closed girl, and when she sees the world around her in front of a special person, she often gets lost and does not know what she wants. Taileo is active in sports, has a short temper, but always tries to learn from his mistakes. Bode is a very curious guy who is always trying to get his family together and resolve all conflicts.