Tales of the Walking Dead Season 1

Tales of the Walking Dead Season 1 Torrent Download The events of this story take place at a very difficult time for all of humanity. What happened, you ask? And it’s okay, the apocalypse just happened, the real one, and there’s nothing to be done to fix something. We arrived, we leave the salon, stop “end of the world.”

Episode 1

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Episode 2

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Episode 3

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Episode 4

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Episode 5

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Episode 6

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Tales of the Walking Dead Season 1 Torrent Magnet Links The main characters try to solve problems as they come, but there are really a lot of problems and you can drown in them. The walking dead have flooded the planet, the damned zombies are trying to bite the survivors in order to infect those with their insane disease. The walking dead are very dangerous and aggressive, which creates additional problems for the surviving citizens. The walking dead want to quench their thirst, throw out the desire for blood.

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The events of this series develop in different episodes that are not connected to each other, but take place in a single universe of the Walking Dead series. The main characters and the plot are both already beloved characters, and completely new personalities who have yet to win the attention of the audience. It depends solely on each hero how his personal story ends. If the character is smart, he will find a way not to fall into the trap of the walking dead, but if the mind is not there, then, unfortunately, there is nothing to be done.