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Tekken: Bloodline Season 1 Torrent Download Jin has been practicing the Kazama family fighting style since childhood, taught to him by his own mother. And so the young man easily confronts numerous offenders who believe that he has no place on the island. Jin’s mother firmly believes that great things await him. In addition, the woman is careful to ensure that her son controls his anger, using combat abilities only for protection and not harming others.

Even those who really deserve it. Kazama does not know anything about his father, and therefore, for now, his mother is the only authority for him. True, the young man understands that she hides a lot from him – for example, why they moved to this island, where everyone considers Jin a stranger. One day, a demon in the form of a ferocious anthropomorphic monster appears on the threshold of the Kazama family’s house. Telling Jin not to go outside under any circumstances, his mother goes to meet a deadly monster.

However, the young man cannot stand aside – he comes to the aid of his mother, but the enemy is too strong. So Jin loses the person dearest to him and is left completely alone in this harsh world. The young man goes in search of his grandfather, whom his mother told him about before his death, not even suspecting what amazing adventures await him ahead.

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