Samaritan (2022)

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How is the life of superheroes, and what do they do, having successfully completed their main mission? The hero of the film Samaritan 2022 torrent download managed to defeat the main villain at one time, but immediately after that he disappeared somewhere without a trace in the strangest way.

No one guesses where this man, who has accomplished the main feat in his life, spends his present days, until an ordinary guy from the outskirts noticed a lonely elderly man in the house opposite and decided to make an acquaintance with him. After some time, the young man eventually began to suspect that his new neighbor was the superhero who at one time was not afraid to risk himself in order to defend all of humanity.



In the future, the young guy begins to communicate a lot with this amazing old man and he becomes aware of the details of that strange disappearance. As it turned out, the main reason turns out to be truly unimaginable, but it is thanks to this that it is possible to understand the essential component of the life of a hero who once decided to change his fate in the most decisive way.