West Side Story (2021)

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West Side Story 1.4 GB

The main thing in the plot: The events of the film unfold in New York, in the middle of the last century. The West Side is notorious as an area where there are constant conflicts between street gangs. On one side of the conflict are white Americans, and on the other emigrants from Puerto Rico. The next meeting of the two factions was scheduled at a city dance event. A skirmish was inevitable, and each side understood this.

One of the heroes of the film is a former member of a criminal gang who decided to put an end to illegal business forever. Now the young man works legally, trying all day to earn at least a little money that would allow him not to die of hunger. The life of the hero changes dramatically after meeting Mary. At the first meeting, he realizes that he fell in love with a girl. But in the story of their love, everything is not so simple, because the families of the guy and the girl have long-standing conflicts with each other. The protagonist understands that the only chance for him to be closer to Mary is to prevent the planned skirmish. He again becomes a member of the gang and this time intends to start such a long feud on his own.

SCREENS: https://imgur.com/a/SguPAGE