The Capture Season 2

The Capture Season 2 Torrent Download Shaun Emery dreamed of becoming a military man from an early age. He was always a brave and purposeful person who was practically not afraid of anything. During the years of his service, he had to visit various “hot spots”, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Episode 1

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Episode 2

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The Capture Season 2 Torrent Magnet Links The man was awarded many awards and soon returned home, where he hoped to enjoy a calm and peaceful life. However, everything turned out to be completely different, because Shaun is now accused of killing a captured rebel and a criminal case has been opened against him. The main evidence of the crime was a video, which clearly shows how a soldier kills a prisoner. The quality of the video is very blurry, so it’s hard to say that it was Shaun for sure. Nevertheless, he has little chance of not going to prison, and the only hope left is for a lawyer.



Rachel fully trusts her client and is sure that the person depicted in the video is not him. Thanks to her skills and great efforts, she was able to prove Shaun’s innocence, and he was finally released from custody. It seems that all the horror is over. The main character finally returned home to his wife and daughter. But the situation forces him to meet with his lawyer again – this time he is suspected of kidnapping a woman. What is really going on around Shaun? Could he really be a criminal?