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The plot is based on the true story of an influential Italian family that was able to create the famous fashion house – Gucci. For thirty years, the great family fought desperately with competitors, dreaming of reaching a new level and conquering people with their unusual ideas. The characters moved step by step towards their dream, not even noticing the enemies, who turned out to be the closest people.
The ambitious and talented Maurizio Gucci opens his business in Florence, and then in Rome, wanting not only to develop it, but also to look for new talents. Here he manages to get acquainted with the charming and temperamental Patricia. Gucci immediately noticed a bright and purposeful beauty, so he could not miss his chance and began to look after an attractive person.

A stormy romance began between the characters, and soon the lovers played a magnificent wedding. The newly-minted little wife did not have a good disposition, she loved to live in luxury and never hid the fact that she married Maurizio only because of his loud last name. She was popular in the fashion world and well connected, but she never built her own empire, unlike her husband.

The girl often got into her husband’s business and mercilessly spent his money. This could go on forever, but Gucci’s nerves could not stand the whims of a domineering woman, so he filed for divorce. But only the man did not suspect that he was making a fatal mistake. The offended Patricia decided to take revenge on him and hired a hitman who shot the poor fellow right on the steps of his office in 1995. The police easily managed to find out that his ex-wife was behind the crime. The court sentenced Patricia and put the unfortunate behind bars for a long eighteen years. But what was the real reason for her act?