After Ever Happy (2022)

After Ever Happy 2022 torrent downloads

After Ever Happy 2022 Torrent Download Hardin and Tessa’s relationship was not a role model from the start. But no one around who knew this couple could deny the incredible attraction between them. Their love is strong, the couple cannot live without each other, and life constantly throws them trials that leave no chance for a happily ever after. A huge problem is Hardin’s temper and his inner demons, with which the guy cannot cope. His antics, at times, are terrible, to which all friends offer Tessa to end this relationship. But she, a young and naive girl, is not able to break the vicious connection, because she is head over heels in love with her monster.

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After Ever Happy 2022 Torrent Magnet Links Each time, Tessa rushes to Hardin’s aid, hoping to save him from all his problems. But, saving him day after day, at some point he begins to worry about his own condition. After all, it seems to the girl that, while saving her lover, she can lose herself. The couple does not understand whether a happy joint future awaits them or if this is not their option at all. Hardin and Tessa stubbornly continue to confront all problems, holding hands. But perhaps they will never be happy together as they dreamed. Fate is too unpredictable to think and make global plans.