Eternals (2021)

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Five million years ago, the powerful Celestials conducted a series of experiments on early proto-humanity, creating a race of superhumans. The god-like beings, resulting from an offshoot of the usual evolutionary process, split into two branches: the monstrous Deviants and the long-lived Eternals.

Deviants and Eternals became new gods and influenced the development of human civilization. At the same time, genetically unstable Deviants sought to harm people, and Superhumans protected them. This state of affairs led to bitter hostility between the superior races. The Eternals were practically immortal, able to control cosmic energy, control consciousness and levitate. Some of the Eternals actively participated in the affairs of people and helped them as superheroes.

Also, Superhumans could create families with ordinary people. As a result of these love affairs, ordinary children were born. In addition, enmity sometimes arose between the noble Eternals, leading to tragic consequences and a split. This went on for millennia. Many years later, the Celestials returned to Earth to judge their creations.