Outlander Season 6

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As a result of the onset of World War II, Claire and Frank were forced to separate for 5 years. Outlander Season 6 Torrent Download When peacetime finally came, the heroes were lucky enough to reunite, after which they decided to organize a honeymoon trip and go to Scotland. Arriving in a provincial town, a couple in love immediately noticed a lot of oddities here – mysterious signs were drawn on each door with blood.

Release year: 2022
Country: USA, UK
Genre: Fantasy, drama, melodrama
Duration: ~ 01:15:00


Later, they managed to find out that a similar ritual was held in honor of the upcoming holiday called Saint Orean. After staying overnight at the hotel, the couple set off on their journey. After a while, they ended up in the priest’s house, where Claire received a prediction according to which she would have two husbands.
Such information alarmed the girl, because she loves Frank very much, so she doesn’t even think that she will ever have to part with him.

But soon it turns out that the prediction was correct. When the heroine climbed the hill to look at the magic ceremony, she touched the dolmen, after which she instantly lost consciousness. When Claire woke up, she heard gunshots and found strange people. Soon she realized that she was in the distant past. Now it is separated from the former life for two whole centuries. It is in another time that the heroine will have to marry again.

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