Moon Knight Season 1

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Moon Knight / Season: 1 / Episodes: 1-6 of 6 4.51 GB

The main character is a man who has not seen anything good in his life lately. Once he had everything on the ointment, he was an excellent professional in his field, a marine, but now there is none of that. The main character had an excellent career, assignments around the world. Moon Knight Season 1 Torrent Download But sooner or later the wheel of fortune turns to the person with negative values.

Release year: 2022
Country: USA
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Drama, Adventure
Duration: 00:46:00


While some are filled with beautiful moments, others are filled with all the tragedies of this damned world. The former Marine has ruined his health on all sorts of missions, and now suffers from a dissociative disorder. The hero would be happy to return to a peaceful life, but for some reason he is not particularly able to establish relationships with this society, which is fine to do without his skills.

But one day a truly amazing story happens to him, which is impossible to believe, many may even think that this does not happen. But life can still surprise everyone. The protagonist, who received only cuffs, suddenly begins to wield the power and authority of the mighty god of ancient Egypt. The protagonist has for some time now possessed the powers of the god of the moon, in whom the ancient Egyptians believed. What does this mean for him? A new beginning? How will this story continue?