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An inexplicable force shifts the Moon from its own axis and directs it towards our planet, which instantly leads to many catastrophes and global destruction around the world. Moonfall 2022 Torrent Download It would seem that a natural disaster cannot be avoided, only a few weeks are left before the collision with the Earth, but the former astronaut, and now one of the leaders of NASA, Jo Fuller, declares that she knows a way out of the situation that will help save humanity.

However, only two turn out to believe in her theories: retired astronaut Brian Harper and conspiracy theorist KC Houseman. Actually, it is they who will have to go on a dangerous space journey and reveal the secrets of the previously unknown, the other side of the moon. At the same time, the united team of professionals, previously unfamiliar with each other, faces the task of not only unraveling the source of the approaching catastrophe, but also preventing the end of the world.