The Contractor (2022)

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James Reed dreamed of joining the US Army since childhood. The Contractor 2022 Torrent Download The boy played with soldiers and imagined how in the future he would be able to wear a green beret and be proud of his exploits. But military merit did not bring him the long-awaited glory. Having been injured, he was forced to refuse to renew his contract. Due to his medical condition, he needs pain medication. And getting it legally is not always possible. In a peaceful society, where there is no war and conditions to apply the acquired skills, a man remains completely alone. The wife does not understand his feelings, and persuades him to get a regular job.

But the man believes that he can still serve his homeland. And one day he gets the opportunity to feel again how to hold a weapon in his hands. He becomes a mercenary who kills on command. A good reward is due for this, and enough money to support a family without worrying about debts. The former soldier does not hesitate, agreeing to a tempting offer. Now he himself decides how to act and should not obey the sometimes ridiculous instructions of the command. A new heady opportunity to test his strength pushes him to rash acts, and he may lose control.