The Card Counter (2021)

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The Card Counter Torrent Download William Tall is a young man with a stern character. He used to be a military man and went through many bloody events, staining his hands with the blood of innocent victims. Over the years of service, he has learned to always keep a cold attitude and calculate actions a couple of steps ahead, trying to emerge victorious from any conflict and destroy enemies. After returning to civilian life and spending several years in prison, he plunges into the fascinating world of gambling entertainment and solid winnings, using his personal composure to successfully play poker and earn easy money.

Release year: 2021
Country: UK, China, USA
Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama, Crime
Duration: 01:51:53

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Passion for excitement quickly turns into a gambling addiction, taking up all your free time for endless poker matches. One day, an old friend Kirk comes to the obsessed player, offering to take revenge together on an old enemy – a domineering colonel who created many problems for them in the past. Together with a comrade-in-arms and a mysterious woman, Linda, they head to Las Vegas, where a world poker tournament is to be held. The team investigates local casinos in search of their intended target, preparing to exact their desired retribution and kill a tough officer.