Dune: Part One (2021)

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Dune: Part One 2021 Torrent Download In the center of the story is a young guy named Paul, who is the heir child of the legendary house of Atreides. One day, the protagonist and his family go to a distant planet Arrakis, which at first glance contains nothing but sand, the sun and monsters. However, this place is the cause of intergalactic wars due to the most important natural resource. So the boy is under threat of destruction after an unplanned change of power. He must run, meeting incredible dangers along the way.

Paul, heir to the famous house of Atreides, goes with his family to one of the most dangerous planets in the universe – Arrakis. There is nothing here but sand, a scorching sun, giant monsters and the main cause of intergalactic conflicts – an incredibly valuable resource called melange. As a result of the seizure of power, Paul is forced to flee and hide, and this becomes the beginning of his epic journey. The hostile world of Arrakis has prepared for him many difficult trials, but only those who are ready to face their fear are worthy of becoming the chosen ones.

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