Malignant (2021)

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Malignant 2021 Torrent Download More than anything, Madison wants a child, and for this, being pregnant, she is ready to endure the attacks of her cruel husband. One night, after his next outburst of aggression, a black evil entity sneaks into the spouses’ house – kills her husband and attacks Madison. Having lost her child, the woman returns home and tries to move on, but soon she begins to be haunted by terrible visions of murders, which, as it soon turns out, are happening in reality.


Madison Mitchell is a young girl living in the USA. She is married to her abusive husband Derek, who constantly insults her for any wrongdoing. Despite bullying, she stubbornly endures his attacks, dreaming of becoming a mother and giving birth to a child. She is already pregnant for the third time by him and hopes to keep the baby, fearing a new miscarriage. After another scandal and beating, she falls asleep in bed and sees in a dream how a stranger with a “shadow” instead of a face sneaks into their house. He kills the sleeping Derek and goes into another room.

Waking up, Madi goes down to the first floor and finds her murdered husband. The killer pursues the woman who has locked herself in the bedroom. He breaks down the door and attacks her, but at that moment the police arrive. Mad wakes up in the hospital and learns of the loss of the fetus, sinking back into a severe depression. Every night she begins to see new nightmares with that maniac who finds himself another victim from among her friends. The dreams come true, making her the prime suspect in all the murders that have been committed. She has to find out the true identity of the mysterious psychopath and learn the terrible truth about her dark past.