After We Fell (2021)

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After We Fell 2021 Torrent Download The meeting with the attractive rebel Hardin divided Tessa’s life into “before” and “after”. Their fates seem inextricably linked, but Tessa faces a difficult choice: accept her dream job at a major publishing house or move to London with Hardin. Their passionate love is waiting for a test of strength: the secrets of the past, new secrets and the answer to the question of what they really mean to each other.


After the main characters of the story met, many of the most unexpected situations happened to them. Hardin and Tessa seem to be made for each other, but they themselves did everything to move away from their own happiness. The stormy character of the young man, misunderstanding on the part of the heroine. All this affected their relationship, which experienced ups and downs. They swore eternal love to each other, and the next day they were already quarreling to the nines. But one thing is constant. As soon as Tessa saw Hardin, she immediately knew that this was the man she wanted to be with.

Behind the mask of a burnt egoist and cynic was a very clear-cut young man who loves to read and argues much more maturely than one would assume without knowing him personally. From that moment on, the fates of the main characters are inseparable, and their suffering has no end. At the moment, the main character is faced with a difficult dilemma. She can move to London with her beloved, or choose a job in a major publishing house. This is exactly the job that she dreamed of all her life. The love of the main characters is waiting for another test of strength, a test of fire.