All the Old Knives (2022)

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All the Old Knives Torrent Download Celia and Henry – former partner agents and lovers – after a long separation seem to meet by chance in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. Over dinner at a cozy restaurant on the Pacific coast, they reminisce about their romantic past, unaware that each has an order for the other.



Accidents are not accidental. Such a truth touched former lovers who met on the seashore as if suddenly. As if their meeting is a coincidence. They pretended to be very surprised that they had finally found each other. We sat down in a cafe, thought it would be good to relax. They began to feel nostalgic and talk out loud about what would have happened if they had not parted then. Now all their reasoning does not make sense for one simple reason – both are lying. Each of them remained to work as an agent. Nothing has changed since they broke up.

It so happened that now they must kill each other, otherwise it cannot be. Of course, they do not know that each of them has a CC in relation to each other. moreover, they are not recognized, but whether they will be able to fulfill it – that’s what is important to know and understand. It turns out that all of them do not at all hope to change their lives for the better, but apparently they are not ready to kill each other yet. From love to hate, as everyone knows, no more than a step. So whether they can do it is what is important for both of them now to find out. Their life depends on it and not only. How it all ends will become known in the near future.