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Emmit Stussy is rightly called the “King of Minnesota Parking Lots” Fargo Season 1, 2, 3, 4 torrent download by those around him, because over the years of doing business, he managed to earn a lot of money and significantly expand his business. At the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the marriage, for the first time in a long time, he sees his younger brother Ray Stussy, who is very similar to him in appearance, but the characters of the characters are completely different. Ray works as a parole officer and unlike his older brother, there aren’t enough stars in the sky.

Year of issue: 2014-2020
Country: USA
Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime
Duration: ~00:53:00

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He, being a real loser, came to Emmit’s party to ask him for money, with which he is going to buy a ring for his cunning girlfriend, who had just recently been released. When the brothers meet, old enmity flares up with renewed vigor, and family problems, which, it would seem, have remained in the distant past, again begin to affect their lives.

The settling of old scores between Emmit and Ray sets off an incredible chain of events that will affect many people. One of the main characters in the story is the mysterious and extremely dangerous mafia Vargas, who wants to cooperate with the elder Stassi. A randomly launched series of events will lead to the most ridiculous, unpredictable and bloody consequences.