Westworld Season 1, 2, 3

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Westworld Season 1, 2, 3 torrent download will tell about the existence of people and robots living in the same world. However, mechanical machines are subordinate to people, which are an auxiliary means for humanity. Every android in existence has fulfilled all sorts of requirements and tasks specified by man. Gradually, the unquestioning fulfillment of the tasks of robots turns them into real slaves.

Year of issue: 2016-2020
Country: USA
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Detective, Western
Duration: 01:10:00

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Format: AVI
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Subtitles: Russian, English

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Numerous visitors to one of the city’s parks can easily feel like a super hero, or vice versa, try themselves as a criminal. Events in the amusement park take place in the spirit of a western, where guests easily transform into heroes and criminals, playing scenes of confrontation. Naturally, androids cannot inflict time on a person, because professionals are closely monitoring this.

Unfortunately, every person tends to make mistakes, and one mistake can change the whole future life of many people. A sudden software failure led to a real tragedy that turned their world upside down for people. Suddenly, obedient robots, programmed exclusively to serve humans, turn into bloodthirsty killers, destroying everything in their path. From this moment, the war between people and cyborgs flares up daily with renewed vigor, sacrificing a lot of life.

It is impossible to avoid losses and outbreak of war. The artificial intelligence rebelled against its creators, moving decisively towards the goal of destroying the world of the living, and ruling over everything. The situation cannot be corrected even by engineers developing the mechanism of robots. While the development team is trying to find the cause of the breakdown and failure of the mechanism, one of the guests of the park goes in search of the cause. The main character will try to unravel the secrets of the park, and find the breakdown with his own hands. Despite the obvious danger that awaits the hero at every corner, he is confidently approaching the solution.