Free Guy (2021)

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A story about a guy whose life seemed flawless. Free Guy 2021 Torrent Download He is a resident of a luxurious big city where amazing things happen. Every day for the hero of the film was like a holiday. He has a lot of friends with whom he can share the most daring experiences, as well as a decent job in which he receives a stable salary. The hero holds a position in a bank, while always remaining in the background. But until recently, this eccentric young man was not at all hurt. He makes plans for the future and dreams of winning the heart of his most beloved girl. But the truth soon comes to light…


He still learns that he is the hero of a fictional universe created in the image and likeness of a video game. So from now on, he is not a person at all, but a minor nameless character who has no chance of becoming a full-fledged main character. All attempts by the character to turn the situation on its head, attract the attention of his beloved and get a promotion, fail over and over again. But now that the bank employee knows more information, he decides to influence the established rules and become a key character in this universe.