The Big Bang Theory Season 12

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The Big Bang Theory / Season: 12 / Episodes: 1-24 of 24 + Special 20.94 GB

The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Torrent Download This is one of the best American comedy series. An extraordinary game of actors, sparkling humor will not leave anyone indifferent. The main characters of the newly minted physicists Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper consider themselves modern Einsteins. Since childhood, they were child prodigies, together they entered the University of California, after which they began working in different departments at the Physics Institute. Young scientists know how the universe works, but they do not understand how to communicate with the fair sex. Their favorite pastimes were watching science fiction series, computer games. With the advent of a young twenty-two-year-old neighbor, amazing transformations begin to occur on the landing.

Release year: 2018
Country: USA
Genre: sitcom
Duration: 00:22:00

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Penny recently moved to Los Angeles dreaming of big roles. But so far, only the party with the waitress’s tray in the candy store has submitted to her. Hofstadter just lost his mind over this beauty. His friend understands that nothing shines for a friend in this relationship. And what about Penny? The company of physicists is diluted by their strange friends: the womanizer engineer Howard, who speaks six languages, and the extremely modest and shy astrophysicist Rajesh, who cannot say a word with a girl without alcohol, not to mention more serious things.