Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Season: 8 / Episodes: 1-10 of 10 3.42 GB

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 torrent download tells about the lives of law enforcement officers who daily risk their own lives to save other people. Police officers once took an oath before the law, and now they are required to fulfill it, but the team is complemented by unique personalities. Actions take place in one of the sites located in the center of New York. Each of the main characters has his own temper and his own opinion, which is almost impossible to change.

Release year: 2021
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy, crime
Duration: 00:23:00

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Among colleagues, there is a person who seriously stands out from their background. Detective Jake Peralta is the exact opposite of his colleagues and police officers. Most of all, those around him are struck by his carelessness, which slows down his career advancement. Colleagues surrounding the protagonist are sure that the man is in the form of a child, and does not want to get out of there at all. It seems that the image of the child Jake is completely satisfying, because the sense of responsibility does not lie on his shoulders, and he does not have to take on serious work.

In addition, the guy does not want to part with his childhood surroundings. Numerous tricks and jokes that appear daily in the head of the protagonist no longer outrage the authorities, because everyone around them has long been accustomed to the unusual antics of the employee. After a while, the old leader is replaced by a new one, and he does not intend to endure the antics of an irresponsible detective who constantly makes fun of others. The requirements of Captain Holt force the police officers to always be on the alert, and at any moment they are ready to fulfill their own duties.

Unfortunately, the restless detective is not ready for unexpectedly dramatic changes, and it is not easy for the hero to enter a new direction. The captain, who has recently come to the post, is forced to either come to terms with the antics of his subordinate, or change the situation radically and take up his upbringing in order to make him a serious person corresponding to his position. Will the main character be able to change his usual way of life?