Jungle Cruise (2021)

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Jungle Cruise 2021 Torrent Download Researcher Lily Houghton accidentally learned the legend of one of the South American Indian tribes, which tells of a tree that can heal any disease. The brave girl was set on fire with the idea of ​​finding him, she believes that the legend does not lie, and somewhere in the Amazon jungle such a miracle of nature with mystical properties grows. She infected her brother with her enthusiasm, the sophisticated MacGregor had never thought about dangerous travels before, but her sister was extremely persuasive.

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Travelers hire the owner of a small cruise ship, for the sake of money, ready for any extravagant deeds, to deliver them to the right place. Adventurous Captain Frank decides to join their small team and help in the search for the legendary tree. The path to the goal is difficult and replete with various obstacles: wild animals are just waiting for the right moment to attack defenseless victims, and competitors are trying their best to prevent them. But the brave men are not going to give up. Difficulties only irritate them even more, and they even begin to get used to constant dangers and brilliantly cope with the most difficult situations. And they should also hurry, because the German expedition can get ahead of them.

Lily Houghton is one of those women who do not want to stay at home. She loves to explore wildlife. One day she goes to the headwaters of the Amazon. Her goal is to find the legendary tree. According to the legend, which comes from the South American Indians, this tree has magical healing properties. Lily, of course, did not embark on this perilous journey alone. She will have two with her. One of them is her brother McGregor, and the other is the captain of the cruise ship Frank. Both of them still do not even imagine that Lily has drawn them into a real adventure, because in the wilds of the jungle they are in danger not only from wild animals and bad weather, but also from supernatural forces. In addition, there is another team that is looking for this tree at the same time and she does not wish the success of Lily and her escorts, so she set traps for them everywhere.