Black Widow (2021)

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After the horrific events at the Leipzig/Halle airport, Black Widow Torrent Download Natasha recalls the terrible pictures of her past. In a flashback, she sees the red room and the countless training sessions that have turned her into a ruthless spying and killing machine. Constant nightmares tire the young girl, so she decides to destroy all the people involved in her transformation into a real monster. The heroine will have to remember her fighting skills and fight against numerous enemies in order to find the main villains and exterminate them. Then she will find peace and forever forget about the damned program of black widows.


In 2016, superhero Natasha Romanoff tries to hide from the United States authorities in a quiet Norwegian hideout. She wants to retire at least for a while and finally be in quiet solitude. But a break from a life full of adventures and dangers will not work. The past does not let the warrior go. Suddenly, the Black Widow encountered the almighty Taskmaster, an agent of the Red Room global project, in which female cadets were turned into professional killers in a secret bunker. Romanoff urgently contacts Elena Belova, another deadly Red Room spy they grew up with.

Elena tells Natasha that the project continues its activities. And that its leader, the Drakes, is still alive and destroying the fate of young women from different countries. Together, Romanoff and Belova seek help from two experienced spies who have played the role of their mother and father for many years. When the entire spy family is assembled, she rushes to carry out an important and deadly mission, intending to correct the numerous mistakes of her past. What consequences will Natasha’s meeting with a long-forgotten family and the mysterious Taskmaster lead to?