The Lost Room Season 1

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The Lost Room Season 1 Torrent Download Joe Miller is a detective. Together with his colleague Lou DeStefano, he began to investigate the brutal massacre in the pawnshop. This establishment belonged to Karl Kreuzfeld. As soon as the partners were at the crime scene, Joe immediately drew attention to strange keys.

Release year: 2006
Country: USA
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Detective
Duration: 04:22:10

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Audio codec: AC3
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Subtitles: English



As it turned out, these keys are not easy. During the investigation, the detectives came to the conclusion that the victim paid with his life for this item, with which you can open any door. Joe opened the first door he came across and an incredible world opened up before his eyes. As soon as a person finds himself in such a space, he gets the opportunity to move in time. Many people want to have this key, so both the mafia and the authorities opened a hunt for the keys.

Soon Joe Miller will try to open the door in his house with the same key. As soon as the man went inside, he found himself in a room of an unknown hotel room. When you go out their numbers, you can be anywhere in the world, you just have to think about it. When an eight-year-old girl found herself in such a room, she disappeared in an unknown direction. The detective began his own investigation, during which incredible secrets and secrets were revealed.