The Ice Road (2021)

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An accident at a diamond mine in northern Canada promised a huge number of victims, The Ice Road Torrent Download because the workforce was under the rubble. It was possible to save workers only with the help of special equipment and machinery, the delivery of which required time and considerable effort. The reason for this was the need to transport the rescue structure through the ice of a frozen reservoir.


Mike was entrusted with the leadership of the responsible mission. It was he who had to cross a huge distance across the frozen Lake Wennipeg to help the hostages of the situation. But to cope with a difficult task was dangerous, given the beginning of the period of melting ice. It crumbled under heavy vehicles, risking only to increase the number of victims of an imminent tragedy.

In such a mess, Mike had to confront not only the weather and the unpredictability of technology, but also to face the human factor. Not all crew members were ready to take a conscious risk, preferring to retire at the most difficult and crucial moment. But the crew leader did not have the luxury of doubts or throwing, he had to cope with the task in the near future and with minimal losses.