A Quiet Place Part II (2020)

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A Quiet Place Part II Torrent Download The main characters are people who are not allowed to live in peace in solitude. The world will never be the same again after the creatures that hunt the sound appeared in it. It is very hard to believe, but now the whole planet is forced to literally go numb. If people want to live, then they must learn to do everything silently, learn sign language, develop a common strategy. Well, it would be so if humanity solved problems through joint efforts, which, of course, does not happen. Everyone is forced to survive as best he can, everyone in this war is for himself. A catastrophe occurred on Earth, which not only did not unite people, but, on the contrary, divided them, because each person is now considered very suspicious for another, practically an enemy. After the catastrophe that occurred on the Blue Planet, creatures appear. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they have excellent hearing, so in a matter of seconds they find themselves in the place where the sound source comes from. People really have to shut up to live on.

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But can this be called life? This is constant fear, despair and suffering… The main characters of the film are a family that continues to fight terrible monsters that hunt the sound. A deadly threat has come straight to their domain, which means that they cannot hesitate. They faced danger right in their house, which means that the heroes have no other choice but to give a big rebuff. They already know what the outside world is… In fact, this is a sad sight, devastated shops and streets, and only terrible monsters roam somewhere nearby, always ready to hear the sound in order to rush faster than the speed of light and destroy everything in this area. alive. The main characters understand that they need to come up with an effective way to keep monsters away not only from their home, but from the region in general, and later, possibly the entire planet. But just how to do it? Will the main characters find a way to fight the terrible creatures?