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The talented poet and duelist is famous in narrow circles. Opponents and admirers of art respect Cyrano de Bergerac, because they consider him a unique person. The man perfectly owns a sword, strikes with a rich vocabulary and eloquence.


Despite all his virtues, Cyrano torrent download was not very handsome, and therefore did not have crowds of fans. The man was very worried about his small stature. He considered himself unworthy of love, and therefore was ready to give it up forever. Cyrano was a secret admirer of the beautiful Roxanne. Everyone dreamed of winning her heart, but no one knew to whom it was actually given. Christian is trying to become the only one for the girl.

She has tender feelings for him, completely oblivious to Cyrano. The man learns about the secret love of Christian and Roxanne. He makes acquaintance with a young man and promises to help him get the location of his beloved. Cyrano believes that he is not a couple for Roxana, because outwardly he is unworthy of a beautiful girl.