A Young Doctor’s Notebook Season 1, 2

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A Young Doctor’s Notebook / Seasons: 1-2 of 2 / Episodes: 1-8 of 8 3.8 GB

A Young Doctor’s Notebook Season 1, 2 Torrent Download The main character is a young man Vladimir. He just graduated from medical school and went to the outback to become a rural doctor. But work in the outback turned out to be completely different from what the young doctor expected from his profession. The enthusiasm and enthusiasm that were associated with the beginning of a professional career immediately evaporated as soon as Vladimir arrived at the forgotten rural hospital. The new place of work surprised the young doctor, as there were no medicines and modern instruments needed for treatment. In addition, he was struck by the low qualifications of his colleagues, who, moreover, did not at all want to reckon with a young man who had recently graduated from the institute.

Release years: 2012-2013
Country: UK
Genre: tragicomedy
Duration: 00:25:00

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Subtitles: Russian

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Ahead of Vladimir are waiting for a variety of patients, not always correct diagnoses and constant study of books. However, the main thing in the work of a doctor is experience and the desire to become the best specialist, and if our hero does not have experience, then he has enough desire in abundance.

Adding to the complexity were the locals, who were not happy with the age of the new doctor. The poorly educated villagers, subject to superstition, did not want to believe the words of the doctor and instead of following his instructions, they preferred to treat their diseases in the old fashioned way, using folk methods. But, despite the dismissive attitude of his colleagues and the distrust of the locals, Vladimir from the very beginning decided to do everything that depended on him and change the situation for the better for him. Will the young doctor be able to solve the difficulties that will arise in his way, will he be able to overcome obstacles? What awaits the young doctor?