After Yang (2021)

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After Yang 2021 Torrent Download Many modern people have no idea what it’s like to live in a world where smartphones have not yet been invented, ordinary cell phones with buttons instead of a sensor, or even a telephone in general. Today, the life of past years, in which there were no “smart” devices of various kinds, no robotic vacuum cleaners, no super-powerful gaming computers, may seem rather strange.


Most people who are accustomed to constant access to the Internet and, in general, the current level of technological progress, are unlikely to be at a loss if they suddenly lose it all at one not at all wonderful moment. One can only guess how helpless and worried people from the distant future will be when some constantly working equipment fails them!

And if we are talking about a robot that looks like a person, talks like a person, and in general has already managed to turn into almost a family member, then its sudden breakdown can be like a disaster. A father and daughter, accustomed to the presence and work of an android named Yang, faced his unexpected induced coma. Now they will have to make a lot of efforts to “cure” a high-tech machine, otherwise the life of their little family will no longer be the same as before.