Ice Age: Scrat Tales Season 1

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Ice Age: Scrat Tales Season 1 Torrent Download There are many legends about this squirrel. Scrat charmed someone with his charisma, for someone he became an example of determination, could cause irritation and even laugh. This time, the saber-toothed squirrel will not just chase after a delicious nut, but will comprehend the delights of fatherhood. This story will not be without hardships. The rodent will take on the burden of raising Baby Scrat, who will have to survive in the harsh conditions of the Ice Age.

Only according to tradition, it will not do without the pursuit of an acorn, which has a special ability to flow away from a squirrel. This time, Malysh will be his main competitor. Saber-toothed squirrels are obsessed with a passion for acorns, so even family ties will not be so important in the pursuit of food. To achieve their goals, toothy will use fluffy tails, sensitive sharp noses, as well as long fangs. But on whose side the victory will be – it’s worth watching personally!