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Anatomy of a Scandal Season 1 Torrent Download The main character of the series is a woman named Sophie. She considers her marriage truly ideal, because this woman loves her husband until she loses her memory. She does not even suspect that there may be something wrong in this marriage. Everything is perfect for her, there are no flaws. But as it usually happens, the gloss with which everything is covered on the outside turns out to be rotten inside. But it’s not the woman’s fault that she fell in love with the wrong man. Sophie really did not know anything, and when trouble knocked on the house, it became a huge tragedy for her.

Sophie is married to a very powerful man, he is a politician, and always lobbies for his own interests. One day, the life to which the woman is accustomed ends, and a series of incredible situations begins in which the main character never wanted to get into. A scandalous secret comes out, because it is not in vain that they say that everything secret becomes clear. It was not necessary to sweep the garbage under the carpets, now it is on public display … The husband of the main character is accused of a crime, and Sophie herself does not know how to live on. But is there really no way out of a difficult situation?