Swimming with Sharks Season 1

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Swimming with Sharks Season 1 Torrent Download The main character is a girl who decides to get a job. So far, she has little experience, but she hopes that in a large studio, where she gets a job, she will be helped to get comfortable. The main character wants a friendly atmosphere, nice colleagues, and joint trips to the bar on Fridays. But the girl clearly idealizes her colleagues, because these people are not even worth her attention. The thing is, they are not who they say they are.

Colleagues of the main character want to seem like nice people, smile in her face, and intrigues are weaving behind her back. Is anyone surprised by this plot twist? Nothing special, this behavior is typical for many people, and this shortcoming can only be attributed to the inexperience of the girl. The more she works in the studio, the more she realizes that she is surrounded by piranhas. Yes, it is piranhas, they are not sharks at all, they are, small fish that can only weave intrigues and nothing more. But these cunning people do not even suspect that the girl, quiet and calm at first sight, will still give them an unforgettable show. Will the heroine be able to win the war?

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