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Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2 Torrent Download Many years have passed since the sea rebelled against man. But what happened? Gigantic monsters arose from the depths of the sea. But people are not created to lose, so they came up with a special way to fight these monsters. Especially for the sake of resistance, the so-called huntsmen were created. These are specially designed robots, inside which the operator sat, controlling the combat vehicle.

Many years passed, monsters came and went, humanity also changed its weapons to more advanced ones. Now the huntsmen are in the distant past. But in Australia, something is restless lately. Near this continent, gigantic monsters are again seen, disrupting the usual life of the country’s population. There is a large evacuation, because no one should be hurt. But the main characters of the brother and sister story are not going to leave the continent. They must do an important thing. Taylor and Hayley are required to find their parents. The main characters find an old huntsman, but before doing anything, they need to learn how to manage this colossus. Will the guys succeed? Will luck be on their side?