Russian Doll Season 2

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Russian Doll Season 2 Torrent Download The series revolves around a lonely woman named Nadia, who has just arrived from Russia to America. At the moment, the heroine settled down in the center of New York, where she found a cozy apartment for herself. It seems that the girl has found her place in the world and she will not have to change anything anymore. Nadia was able to quickly adapt to new living conditions and made friends with many people.

Nadia is 36 years old, and on this occasion she decided to have a large-scale party. But her apartment is quite small, so it was decided to organize a celebration with a friend. Nadia was able to perfectly prepare for her holiday, and all the guests were surprised by such a pleasant atmosphere. During the holiday, the main character even managed to meet a young man who worked as a teacher at the university.

At the end of the evening, the young people decided to take a walk. Nothing foreshadowed trouble, but on the way home, Nadia decided to help the kitten and did not notice the approaching car. The girl was beaten to death, but, to everyone’s surprise, she did not die, but ended up again near the mirror, where she stood at the height of her birthday. Soon events repeat themselves, Nadia dies, returning to the same place.