You Won’t Be Alone (2022)

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You Won’t Be Alone 2022 Torrent Download The main character is a little girl. She was born in the human world, tried to just enjoy life, being close to mom and dad. But she did not suspect that the forest spirit would arrive in the Macedonian village and kidnap her in order to raise a witch. Heading to a remote area where there is a deep forest and wild animals, this creature actually managed to recreate an incredible supernatural personality.

But living in the wild, she realized that she could not become an ordinary person. Growing up, she took on the appearance of various animals, did everything possible to just have fun, because her main feature was self-knowledge and curiosity. But one day, seeing a light in the distance, she found out that there were people there, and interest was played out. Arriving in the assigned area, she saw how the local inhabitants bring up children, provide them with everything necessary. To feel among this society, the witch had to kill citizens and take their places.