Barry Season 3

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Barry Season 3

Barry Berkman is a former Marine who fought in hot spots, Barry Season 3 torrent download who returned to his homeland and realized that he could not find a place in civilian life. Then he decided to become a killer, because killing is the only thing he knew how to do well. He carried out orders, but after each of them he felt very unhappy, lonely and restless.


One day, fate brought him to Los Angeles, where he had to eliminate another victim. Fleeing from a sudden chase, he decided to hide in the acting studio, and there he got acquainted with the world of art. He fell in love with the theater so much that he decided to radically change his life, “tie up” with the work of a hired killer and become a real actor. But on the way to this goal, he had to face many obstacles: the world of crime was not going to let him go so easily. Therefore, for some time he had to lead a double life: during the day, he acted in the theater, asking questions in the spirit of “To be or not to be?”, In the evening, he worked as a killer with the mental question “To kill or not to kill?”.

But now Barry decides to end the murders once and for all, no matter what it costs him, and live only as an actor. And again he has problems that take time to solve.