The Man Who Fell to Earth Season 1

The Man Who Fell to Earth Season 1 Torrent Download The main character of the story is a single mother. She is trying with all her might to give her child comfort, but it is very difficult. Modern people do not have a second of peace, they are forced to constantly solve problems. The main character is raising a daughter who has reached adolescence. You can guess what it is.

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The main character wants to save her nerve cells and give her daughter the necessary comfort. One day, a woman becomes a witness to a truly amazing situation. This is unbelievable unless you see it with your own eyes. The main character saw a man who literally fell from the sky. But was it a person? Has technology reached such a point that people have already learned to fly? Of course not! It was not a man at all, but an alien.

This alien has his own sad story, the main character tries to help him as best she can. This alien has arrived from a planet that is dying. He, as the most responsible representative of his civilization, wants to stop the death of his native planet. There is a way out of any, even the most confusing situation. How will the main character help the alien?