VMware Workstation 16

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VMware Workstation 16 Pro Build 16894299 For Linux 492.3 MB

A program for creating multiple virtual computers on one system. VMware Workstation allows you to work on one operating system (for example, Windows 10) and at the same time work on Windows 7, FreeBSD, Linux, etc. – without the need to allocate separate resources for operating systems and restart the computer when switching from one OS to another. The application allows, in fact, to get several from one computer at once, and, if necessary, these virtual computers can be completely isolated from each other, or, on the contrary, can be combined into a virtual local area network.

Release Year: 2020
Version: 16 pro Build 16894299
Developer: VMware Inc.
Developer site: https://www.vmware.com/
Architecture: x86, amd64
Crack: not required
Interface language: English

MD5: fcec2125fbaa98f51e17baa3fddb0be0

System requirements: Linux Kernel 5.8.x
• Simultaneous launch of several guest operating systems on one computer
• Running a virtual machine in the desktop windows of the main operating system and in full screen
• Installation of virtual machines without re-partitioning disks
• Run OS already installed on the computer without reinstalling or reconfiguring them
• Running Windows operating system applications on a Linux computer and vice versa
• Creation and testing of applications simultaneously for different systems
• Run untested applications without the risk of disrupting the stable operation of the system or losing critical data
• Sharing files and applications between different virtual machines through the use of a virtual network
• Run client-server and web applications on one PC
• Launching several virtual computers on one PC and modeling the operation of a local network