Ten Percent Season 1

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Ten Percent Season 1 Torrent Download The comedy series tells what really happens behind the scenes of show business. Every representative of the London bohemia knows firsthand that for fabulous fees it is often necessary to pay an exorbitant price. However, mere mortals cannot even dream of such huge money. Talented artists have to rely entirely on their agents, who agree on their participation in the next projects and the corresponding payment for them. They do all the boring and thankless work for them. Often, the fate of celebrities depends on their sober look.

The hard-working employees of a large casting agency in London approach their immediate duties with due responsibility. They do everything in their power to ensure that demanding customers are satisfied with the decisions made and have full confidence in them. For a long time everything went on a punished path. But after the sudden death of the founder of the office, the rest of the employees found themselves in an unenviable position. Jonathan Nightingale and his colleagues will have to try very hard not to lose face. Business is in a precarious state. With poor management, the company can quickly go bankrupt.

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