Undone Season 2

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Undone Season 2 Torrent Download In the center of the plot is a pretty young lady who is trying to cope with mental trauma and bring her dead father back to life. A charming girl named Alma is sincerely pleased with what she has achieved in life. She is dating a charming guy. The other half of the soul does not care for the dazzling beauty and tries to please her with small gifts. She has a wonderful job that brings a stable income. But the relationship with the demanding mother leaves much to be desired. The closest relatives often quarrel during joint dinners. They cannot establish normal contact and experience severe inconvenience from this.

After another conflict with a disgruntled parent, Alma got behind the wheel of a car and went home. She lost control of the vehicle and got into a serious accident. During the crash, something strange happened to her. She saw her beloved father, who died under dubious circumstances. Soon the young lady finds out that she can control time flows and travel through space. After numerous adventures, she leaves for Mexico in order to try to prevent her father’s death.

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