The Requin (2022)

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Jaelyn and Kyle were going to spend their vacation on a tropical island. The Requin 2022 Torrent Download They rented a house by the water and enjoyed the sound of the waves, which created an unusual romantic mood. The lovers were very pleased that they came here, and decided to spend as much time as possible at the resort. But the idyll collapses at the moment when a hurricane hits the island. The wind picks up the house and takes it away from the shore, and the couple inside are trapped in the middle of the sea: without means of communication and products.

Jaelyn and Kyle don’t even have drinking water, and it’s unclear how they can get out. It remains only to hope for good luck. If a ship sails by, the young people will be able to escape. But the house is barely supported by the waves. No, even the smallest boats do not appear on the horizon. Lovers gradually fall into despair. But their biggest test lies ahead. The shark, attracted by the smell of food, swims up to the house. A huge hungry fish is not at all afraid of people who seem to her an excellent snack. She swims around and chooses the right moment to grab her prey.