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Anthony intends to find the right girl and make her his wife. Bridgerton Season 2 Torrent Download The man is tired of enduring the reproaches of his own mother, but he wants to decide on the candidacy of a happy bride. Anthony considers himself irresistible and the most charismatic aristocrat in the city, but not all girls are ready to marry him. A man makes too many demands on his future wife and wants to see her prudent, quiet, silent, modest and incredibly seductive. At the same time, Anthony is not going to change for the better and considers himself an ideal groom, but he will have to face the harsh reality. A new acquaintance of the viscount will consider him a boring conservative who oppresses the female gender, and Anthony will try to refute her stereotypical opinion.


Marina Thompson wants to survive in a world where you can’t have a child out of wedlock. As a child, the unfortunate woman had no idea that a tragic and difficult fate awaited her, but Marina does not intend to get rid of her first child, even if he becomes an object of ridicule if his mother does not marry in the near future.

Lady Whistledown managed to deceive her pursuers and remained incognito for representatives of London’s high society. A mysterious stranger is about to print intriguing revelations of those who are trying to look perfect in the eyes of friends and family. Whistledown easily penetrates rich houses, and her readers cannot understand how the gossip girl manages to keep her own secret and ruthlessly reveal others.

Bridgerton Season 2 Torrent Download London is ready for the opening of a new marriage season, and all girls who have reached the age of marriage dream of accepting courtship from enviable suitors. Anthony’s grown sisters also want to be loved and in love, but Bridgerton is now too busy arranging his own life, and he will not interfere with his relatives.