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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 1 Torrent Download The vast unexplored expanses of space have always attracted strong, courageous adventurers. In the second half of the 23rd century, there are heroes who are ready to risk a lot, even their lives for the sake of discovery, knowledge of distant strange galactic worlds. The Enterprise is home to an amazing crew of travelers led by the determined Captain Christopher Pike and his assistants in the form of the staunch officer Spock and co-pilot nicknamed Number One. This is the first crew of NCC-1701 and the first trip to the galactic worlds in a decade before Captain Kirk takes over as starship commander.


The heroes are going to have a comprehensive exploration of space, the creation of a new detailed map of the cosmic universe. There are still undiscovered civilizations that are very interesting to travelers. However, the territories of unknown worlds are filled with movements and predetermined historical events, the course of which cannot be changed. The crew of the Enterprise will have to face many strange, not always benevolent representatives of universe locations, experience deadly situations before mastering, understanding the new universe. No less interesting will be their own personal stories of the characters and their relationships.