Shut In (2022)

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Shut In 2022 Torrent Download When a woman is furious, anything can be expected. At such moments, fragile creatures become hurricanes, especially when it comes to their children. The main character of the story is an ordinary woman raising children alone. She tries with all her might so that her children do not need anything, but life puts a huge pig on the heroine. This is simply unfair, because children should not be responsible for the misdeeds of their parents. All sorts of different thoughts rush through the head of the main character when she is captured. She does not want something to happen to her children, which means she will do everything in her power to save her children.

Why was the main character of the story captured? What did she do? Why is she treated worse than an animal? So far, there is little intelligible in this story, but for sure, at least some answers to questions will appear soon. Don’t make a woman angry or she turns into the wildest beast you can imagine. For the sake of her child, she can strangle, crush, destroy … Will the main character manage to deal with the villains who are holding her captive?