The Wilds Season 2

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The Wilds Season 2 Torrent Download The main characters are girls who find themselves on a strange and at first glance even frightening island. What are they doing here? After all, it seems that no one lives in this location, this island is absolutely uninhabited… Of course, as the story progresses, this question will be answered.


But for now, it’s a huge mystery. At first glance, it seems that there is nothing in common between the girls. They belong to different social classes, so it is not surprising that they constantly brawl. Conflicts flare up between them, which are simply unrealistic to extinguish. People react very harshly and painfully to many things, and the girls who find themselves away from home, and also in a “suspended” position, will definitely not hide my aggression towards each other.

If at first they try to stick together, then the general group is divided into small companies. But still, there is something in common between these girls … A mystery, but just what is it? Each keeps a secret related to getting to a strange island. What did the girls do? Why are they in this location? Too many questions waiting for an hour to finally be answered.