Death Valley (2021)

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Death Valley 2021 Torrent Download Influential members of the governments of most states convened an emergency meeting, at which they decided to start the process of developing a unique biological weapon in its characteristics, which in the future could stop the invasion of our planet by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. For the speedy translation of such an ambitious goal into reality, a large-scale laboratory was immediately created, within the walls of which the best scientists from all over the world worked almost twenty-four hours a day for fabulous wages.

Of course, they were strictly forbidden to tell journalists about their activities, because the experiment was carried out in secret from society. Until a certain point, everything went according to a pre-planned scenario. But at some point, the participants in the process, under the influence of colossal physical fatigue that pressed on their shoulders, relaxed a little and lost control of the situation. Crowds of angry zombies, infected with a deadly virus, found themselves at large. Who can calm them down?