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Tehran Season 2 Torrent Download Massoud Tabrizi and Faraz Mehmet are old loyal comrades who have been working hard for a long time as secret agents of a government organization. The main characters are experienced law enforcement officers of MOSSAD. After an unforeseen dizzying unpleasant incident, brave determined men suddenly faced life’s special troubles and problems.

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The direct superiors immediately reacted to the catastrophic failure, and in a short time they order the frightened excited personalities to find a new worthy worker. Soon the attention of the characters stops on a young seductive girl named Tamar Rabinyan, who is ideally suited to the planned impending task.

A naive fool agrees to go to his beloved city of Tehran, the capital of Iran, to sneak into a mysterious military base and disable a powerful nuclear reactor. The calm situation changes dramatically when the plan completely fails. From now on, an innocent victim turns in an instant into a potential sworn enemy of the powerful state of Israel.