We Own This City Season 1

We Own This City Season 1 Torrent Download What the hell are the police officers supposed to protect the city, but in fact, engaged in crime … Who are they? These are the real anti-heroes of modern Baltimore. In the center of the plot are the police, who were accused by their superiors of all the troubles taking place in their hometown.

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We Own This City Season 1 Torrent Download The whole of Baltimore is literally shaking from the news that the police are so insolent that instead of controlling weapons, they themselves are engaged in indecency. The main characters worked in the weapons control department, but turned into real criminals who did not hesitate to take bribes, extort, and also rob. Yes, it seems that something is wrong with this world, but maybe sometimes it’s about specific people.

Some of them are very two-faced creatures. They cannot work on the illegal circulation of weapons on working days, and on non-working hours they cannot trade in the same weapons. The city is outraged, the city is in revolt, no one knows how this story will end in the end. Probably, the main characters themselves did not expect that their atrocities would cause a great resonance in the local community. You can argue as much as you like, but they will still find out what the price of their criminal activity is.